Jackie MatosJackie Matos

Jackie Matos and Associates, specializes in closing the gap between strategy and execution for teams and organizations. Jackie Matos helps organizations add millions in top line growth through training and business execution.

With a passion for excellence and authenticity in all aspects of life, Jackie has over 15 years of experience in executive management, new business development, leadership training and business execution. Jackie works with clients such as eMerge Americas, Dale Carnegie, Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Florida, The VA Hospital, Boston Scientific and The Biltmore Hotel, just to name a few.

Jackie’s contributions have consistently resulted in increased revenue, decreased costs, and the attainment of business objectives. She has numerous achievements in her background.

Before joining FranklinCovey, Jackie was Principal of Building Business Strategies, a consulting firm that launched new businesses and provided growth strategies to existing clients. She honed her skills in executive sales and management positions with such outstanding companies as Oracle, Nortel Networks, Reed Exhibition Companies and Pitney Bowes. Throughout her career, she led numerous pioneering projects resulting in successful new business development, both internationally and domestically.

Jackie holds a BBA from NYU and attended Columbia University. A native of Stamford Connecticut and New York City she currently lives and works in Coral Gables, Florida.


Here’s what her clients are saying…

“If increasing your effectiveness matters to you in your church or ministry, I am happy to recommend Jackie Matos Associates and their execution strategy team! Bringing the best of execution culture insights JMA has helped us assess and implement healthy changes to advance our God given vision for kingdom outreach. In the church, we know that what we do and why we do it matters. JMA has helped us in the how we do it arena with a set of tools that is taking our outcomes to new heights.”  Bill White, Senior Pastor, Christ Journey Church – March 2016

This YouTube explains the process…

Among her successes:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield: Staggering 147% goal attainment with one of the largest health care providers, representing $3.25M growth for the quarter, $13M annualized.
  • FPL: Approximately $12M in savings for one of the largest public utilities companies in Florida.
  • DHL: An increase of $5M EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, amortization, depreciation and expenses) increase for a global mail provider.
  • Boston Scientific: Over $6M in increased revenue, while simultaneously reducing costs, for a large manufacturing company.

“Jackie and her team lead these 2 Sales Directorates through a 90 day execution program and each improved their close ratios by more than 212%.  The ROI on the project was several hundred %.  The team continues to use the techniques learned and have sustained their results.  In fact, both teams will meet their annual sales quota by July-August! If you are looking for a little outside help with any project that requires execution improvement, I suggest you think about using the services of this local Covey trained group.” Penny Shaffer, Market President – Blue Cross Blue Shield

“We have had the opportunity to work with Jackie and her partner Guy Rehmann at the hotel… I’d absolutely recommend them and feel confident you’d embrace their corporate culture.” Dennis Doucette, General Manager, Biltmore Hotel

“I have worked with Jacqueline for over five years, and she is an absolute pleasure. I know that I can always count on her to do whatever it takes to get the job done, and to do it right. She was instrumental in helping my company more than double our EBIT in less than a year. She is a dedicated, committed, professional. I would recommend Jackie to anyone who wants to grow his/her organization and get things done.” Sheila Rice, Director, Training and Development – DHL Global Mail

 “I’ve known Jackie for close to six years now and find her to be a dedicated and great business partner.   She is committed to meeting your business needs and will collaborate to help your organization execute on their strategies and meet its goals.  Her follow up skills are exemplary and customer service approach is excellent.  I would most definitely recommend anyone to partner with Jackie with the assurance of getting the results you are looking for. “ Julie A. Socorro, Director, Learning and Development – Boston Scientific Corp.