Has someone given you a Challenge Coin?


The concept is simple: Perform a good deed for someone and give them a coin as a reminder to pay it forward.

Challenge Coins have been around for a very long time.  Our coins are meant to inspire good deeds while spreading the word about the Power of Prayer.  Read below to learn how others have already been affected and share your story of how you have been blessed.

Parking Problem

On Thursday I was leaving a seminar in downtown when I realized I didn't have my purse and couldn't pay for parking.  The attendant stepped out of her booth to ask the 5 or 6 cars that were lined up behind me to back up.  The black car behind me spoke to the attendant and she came back and told me the man in the car behind me had paid AND given her this coin to give to me.  If you are that man, thank you!  I love the idea of paying it forward like the movie.  You made my day.

Nice neighbor

Been living in the same house for 2 years.  I have never had a conversation with any of my neighbors.  Maybe just a hello every once in a while.  So I'm finally moving closer to my work and none of my friends are able to help me load my furniture.  My next door neighbor saw me struggling and spent like 3 hours helping me load the truck.  I offered him some money for helping me but instead he gave me the prayer coin.  I've told everyone about this.  Great idea.  Thank you.

Help with my trunk

First of all thank you for offering this service of blessing people with random acts of kindness. 

My story is quite simple.  I bought some 30 small plants at Home Depot and as I was putting them into the trunk of my car, the lid kept falling down since the hinges are worn out.  A young couple was walking by and they stopped to help me put my plants in my trunk.  Such a simple act but it made me so happy to see a young couple take notice of me. 

This was 2 days ago and I'm happy to say that I already have paid it forward and passed my coin to someone else.  I will let them tell you about my random act of kindness when they visit this site.

Wonderful idea to have a physical reminder of the power of prayer and how a simple random act of kindness can really brighten someone's day.

Broken Keychain

My keychain broke in the Publix parking lot and my keys went everywhere.  I know a few people laughed at me but this one lady stopped to help me pick them up.  She gave me the coin and asked me to pass on a good deed.  I already did.  This is a great idea.  Thank you!


Let us know how you were helped by someone and make sure to pass on a good deed yourself.  Need more coins?  Scroll down to place your order.

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It seems that we are too busy to take time to help our fellow man. As a Christian organization we like to encourage acts of good faith. The concept of the "Good Deed Challenge" is simple, just help a friend or stranger in a time of need.
• Tell someone to have a blessed day.
• Help push a stalled car.
• Pay for someone's lunch if they are short on cash.
• Hold a door open.
• The smallest good deed counts.

Then, when you have made someone's day, give them a prayer coin. Ask that they share the good deed on our website and to then perform a good deed for someone else. This will keep the prayer coin exchanging hands and spreading good deeds in our community.


Prayer coins are crafted in metal and are larger than a Silver Dollar.  They also make wonderful gifts for anyone in need of a tangible reminder of the power of prayer.  Antique bronze finish is available with and without color.


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