Amor Sierra

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Amor Sierra, worked in the corporate world for 22 years. She left her home in Miami, Florida to climb the corporate ladder in Texas for a number of years. Through an unwavering work ethic, determination, and business savvy expertise, she climbed high and was very successful. However, she felt God calling her to do something else and in 2012 Amor decided to listen. Without a plan, she left behind her thriving success and came home to Miami to dive into full time ministry; helping to encourage others to learn about and know Jesus at Calvary Kendall as a volunteer. During this time she became aware about the horrors of human trafficking and through research and volunteering she found out about victim’s being branded by their captures and was stirred to action. She soon connected with Chris Baker of Ink 180 – a pioneering ministry that removes the tattoos used for branding victims of sex trafficking. Instantly Amor felt that this was the area God had moved her to work in and soon after in 2013 she opened the doors of Miami Tattoo Co. © ™ with the specific purpose of working with survivors of human trafficking who have been branded. Today, she not only works with human trafficking survivors, but her studio also helps cutting survivors, breast cancer survivors, and former gang members by removing or covering up tattoos. Amor is also a part of the South Florida Human Trafficking Task Force and helps by volunteering with other local organizations to bring awareness to the community.